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Update: Starting a new journey

Hi everyone! I am sorry that I have not been updating my site, but I have been staring at it and I just don’t know how I feel about the look of it. I have change the header hoping that help, but it doesn’t help. It just make me feel like it is not me. I mean is this website is suppose to be a place where I just blog about what just happen in my life? Or a place I can express my creativity, but I feel all of this is not me. When I look at my site, it just scream wanna be or this is too soon, you are not ready yet. This is what my mind kept screaming too and I just though oh may be I could change this to go like this or add this maybe that would look better. Every time and every thing I change is does not make me feel comfortable or happy. Also, Who was I going to please? This is my personal blog site! Why was I changing things that does not making me feel comfortable or happy? I had to just stepped away from my site to find who I was and not who people want me to be. Acting like who people want me to be is very tiring, lost, sad, depressing, very muted and immovable. So, forgive me because soon I will be changing my website to have me be happy and express who it am with it. By the way, my website is not where I would be making money or profiting off from it because it just make feel very weird accepting money from my personal blog.

To the person who think my site could be better and I could used it for financial gain. If I had a bad ass British personality is to say, “F**K off! it is my website not your.” I am sorry for being so‚Ķblunt, but i have try to be kind and considerate with everyone. the only think I have gotten in return is other people telling me I should do this and that. I just need many things to be for me. If you ask for my opinion I would be kind and say it is good because it is your website not mine. The only opinion should matter is your own and not from others. If your website is your business website then it is still your business and not mine. I lost myself trying to gain approval from these people that it became a toxic relationship. Although, I have end it abruptly without a goodbye, but my family think it is for the best to end it like that. Because at the time, I was not thinking and making any decision for myself. I wanted to please other (so badly) and gain their approval that I lost myself. Now, to these people I am asking you, if you don’t like what I have said then that is your opinion, but if you don’t mind then I am starting a journey to find me. I doing this for me and not you. This mean I will be finding me. Finding what make me happy and feel again. I will be starting with my website.

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